1965: Sirmooris meet the Queen

This image was uncovered by Captain Karnabahadur Thapa with the intention of including it in the 2023 Nepal Sirmooree. He at first thought it might have been taken at the 1956 Coronation of King Mahendra, but Lt Gen Sir Peter Duffell confirmed that it was in fact taken at some point when the Brigade of Gurkhas Band, which in that era wore the uniform of the 2nd Goorkhas, were playing at the Royal Tournament in London 14-31 July 1965 and several participants were presented to Her Majesty the Queen. The photo shows three Sirmooris (left to right): Captain DJ (Digby) Willoughby MC (later Commandant of the 1st Battalion), Captain (Dinty) E J H Moore MBE (Director of Music 1960-70) and Major (QGO) Pirthilal Pun MBE MC (Gurkha Major of the 1st Battalion 1959-65). A report on the Band’s UK Tour from 20 May to early October 1965 is in the Regimental Journal for 1965 pages 209-214.

Pirthilal et al 1965 Pirthilal-et-al-1965.jpg

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