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24 Nov 18


 Gen Sir Sam Cowan’s book ‘Essays on Nepal’ printed by Himal Press was successfully launched on the 22nd Nov 18 at the ‘SOAS South Asia Institute’, London.

His publisher has a number of books available for sale near to the Kathmandu price at £10, which is exceptional value. Sam Cowan is able to offer the book for sale for £13 (£10 for the book and £3 for postage and packaging) from Oxford.  Prompt and efficient service guaranteed!

To order a copy please e-mail General Sir Sam Cowan directly with your name and address. The book will be dispatched immediately together with payment details, either by e-banking or by cheques.

Your attention is drawn to the summary on back cover! Himal Books have done a great job on the printing and press nation – well up to Oxford University Press standards.

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15 Oct 18


The Gurkha Museum has 106 copies remaining of the final volume of the Regimental History, Volume IV 1948 – 1994. This is the definitive and authoritive history that recounts the last phase of the 2nd Goorkhas service having transferred from the Indian Army to the British Army in 1948. If you do not have a copy, you are strongly encouraged to purchase a copy. Please contact the Gurkha Museum on 01962 828542.

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During his varied carrier John Nott has encountered numerous interesting people, some household names and others well-known in their own field. In Memorable Encounters he has selected twenty characters including when as Deference Secretary during the Falklands War, General (now Field Marshal Lord ‘Dwin’ Bramall, and as a young officer with the 2nd Goorkhas, through a profile of Major Humbahadur Thapa (1st Bn), he describes his experiences with these stalwart soldiers.

For further information and order details, please read the flier ‘Memorable Encounters – John Nott’.

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Adrian Hayes (Former 7GR officer ) new book, ‘One Man’s Climb: A Journey of Trauma, Tragedy and Triumph on K2’ detailing the story of his recent failure and subsequent success in climbing the world’s second highest mountain, will be published this month in the UK.

The book will be officially launched with a presentation and book signing event taking place at the Royal Geographical Society, London, on Tuesday 30th October 2018 at 19:00, reception from 18:00. Tickets cost £10 and the book will be on sale at a special launch discount at event.

For Details and tickets see the ‘One Man’s Climb’ Flier

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9 Aug 18


The fourth (and therefore last) of the SAS Quartet thrillers ‘Hunting for Wolves’ written by Chris Darnell has now been published in paperback and e-book on the Amazon website. ‘I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. As for the future…’ Chris Darnell.

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11 Nov 17


 The Bramall Papers published by Pen & Sword will be of interest to all Sirmoories. For full details and on how to order a copy please visit the please click on the link.


24 May 17

Falkland Book Reviews.   In this anniversary year see the Reviews on two books on the Falklands which may be of interest:

20 May 17

‘ADMISSIONS’ BY HENRY MARSH   For reviews click on ‘Admission’ by Henry March.

04 Mar 17


Please see the attached review by Maj John Patchett. 

 The author Mr Mangal Narayan Pradhan (late CSgt 10GR) is the current General Secretary of the British Gurkha Ex-Servicemen’s Association Kurseong.    All profits of his first novel ‘Tears that Never Drop’ will be used in the Kurseong area to alleviate hardship for Ex Gurkhas in the area. 

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By Neville Sarony

Publication Details. Both books are published by Vajra Publications, Jyatha, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal. They are obtainable from Amazon and the Gurkha Museum.

Neville Sarony is currently a practising QC in Hong Kong, but he has also managed to find the time to write two novels, both extremely exciting thrillers. As a national serviceman he served with 2/7GR in Malaya and Singapore, and since then most of his working life has been in Asia and the Far East.

Book Reviews. The Dharma Expedient & Devlin’s Chakra

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30 Nov 16


The CD will come out at the beginning of December (I don’t have an exact date as yet), but is available for pre-order now from (copied) with payment to follow when the CDs are available. For further information please read the flier ‘A Gurkha Remembers’.

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14 Mar 16

THE CONTRACT (Paul Stanton Book 3) Kindle Edition by Chris Darnell (Author)

Stauntons Back! A sequel in the Staunton Series by Chris Darnel. The true British dark hero is once again the master of his craft! Here’s the Amazon kindle link:

The paperback version will be available shortly from the Amazon – ‘The Contract’.

If you like Stanton and the idea of a credible ripping yarn set in southern Africa, then please give it a shot.  A quick 5 star review, should you feel like it, helps greatly! Once again, many thanks to Joe Short for another great cover.

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22 Dec 15

FRIENDS IN NEED – A Paul Stanton Thriller by Chris DARNELL.

Now available in the Kindle Store on Amazon and in paperback in the New Year.

The 2nd in the Paul Stanton thriller series. Chris has expanded, revised and merged the two novellas into a second full length novel. They fit sequentially, and most importantly they presage Stanton’s 3rd thriller which has been written and will publish before the end of January 2016.

“…1988. It’s coming up to Christmas and Major Paul Stanton is not looking forward to it. December’s a bad time for him. But his old Gurkha comrade, Danny Dalloway is in trouble and needs help. In the cold, dark streets of Kathmandu, Stanton and his Gurkhas bring retribution to the ruthless Hungarian criminals threatening Dalloway’s business and the Gurkhas’ livelihood.

In the aftermath of this bloody episode Stanton meets the captivating Nikki Walker-Haig. And seven months later, in the sweltering summer of 1989, this beautiful woman comes to London and through a series of bizarre coincidences Stanton is drawn into the unlikely story of The Great Train Robber. It is a mystery with links to his past and with repercussions that will affect his future. His life will never be the same…” A paperback edition in the New Year, which will also be available from Amazon books. Cover design by Joe Short.

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3 Jul 15

‘A Gurkha’s Story’  – The Explosive True Story of the First Gurkha in the SAS – By Johnny Gurkha

For a description click here

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16 Jul 14


I apologise for the impersonal nature of this email but it is the most effective way to let you know that I am in the process of publishing the above book on Amazon Kindle.  It is the third of Paul Stanton’s adventures and is sequential to the others.  And yes, it IS about a Great Train Robber!

The cover – another brilliant piece of work by Joe Short -Click here to see: I think the price will be somewhere in the region of £0.77, so please – if you can’t resist it – buy a copy and download it to your kindle or other android or smartphone device using the kindle app.  Failing that, please pass on the news to any of your friends or colleagues who enjoy such reads.

For further information please go to the link below which leads directly to the Amazon site.

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25 Jan 14



 Originally titled as ‘The Forgotten Knights’, the Arc of the Gurkha: From Nepal to the British Army by Alex Schlacher is a stunning and powerful book of photographs that reveal the human face of the legendary Brigade of Gurkhas. There have been other books about the Gurkhas, but none has focused on the individual soldiers, their backgrounds, lives and experiences. Arc of the Gurkha explores the span of a Gurkha career from recruitment through to training and deployment up to post-military employment and retirement. Alex Schlacher has accompanied the Gurkhas on operations in Afghanistan, on exercises in the Brunei jungle and Australia; she has visited all the units in the Brigade as well as retired and medically discharged Gurkhas; she has taken intimate portraits of hundreds of soldiers and heard their stories. Beautifully presented and exquisitely crafted, this extraordinary publication is the first to explore what it really means for a Gurkha to be a Gurkha.  -This book is due out in December and can be pre-ordered now (no payment required till delivery) at a special pre-publication price.)

Click on link to discover more and see sample pages:

Click here: for further details.

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14 Jan 13


Please click here for review on this book and forward by Field Marshall Sir John Chapple.

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15 Nov 12


Please click here for a leaflet describing the new book by J P Cross and a code which offers you a 20% discount.

You can order the book by clicking on the link below and entering 123519 into the voucher code box at the checkout.

If you would like any further details please don’t hesitate to contact Laura Lawton of Frontline Books on

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2 Aug 12

OPERATION FOUR RINGS by Lieutenant Colonel J.P. Cross, OBE, FABI, MCIL,BA.

Little doubt now remains that John Cross, (JPX) now in his 88th year,  has enhanced his already considerable reputation as an author of historically based fictional novels, with fifteen books published world-wide, to date. His latest offering, and being reviewed, is titled ‘Operation Four Rings.’ Fact, interspersed with fiction, collated and written after a four year stint with the British Embassy in Laos,  during which time JPX  witnessed first-hand the struggle for and subsequent take-over of Laos by the Communists, form the core of this imaginative  novel.

The central theme is based around four ethnically connected young Laos boys who, in 1945, witness the brutal murder of their fathers by the Vietnamese  communists. The four, in seeking revenge, became ‘moles’ whose aim was both to  thwart communism and to seek retribution. The plot is enriched by the introduction of a British officer from the British Army   Jungle Warfare School, posted to Laos as Defence Attache. The latter is given a ring by one of the boys, whose life the officer  had saved. All four boys, the ‘Rings,’ are sworn to protect the wearer. The attaché  becomes a target of both  the Soviet KCB and by the Vietnamese  Communists  as  the plot increases at pace. The only person who can identity all four  ‘moles’ is held in communist territory. To protect the identification of the ‘Rings’  he is  then the subject of a release operation  that bears the hallmark  of realism personified.

JPX  has used  his unique knowledge, gained from practical experience in Laos, that opens  the door to the fascinating world of espionage, both  covert and overt. Although classified as fiction, the book could arguably have been written as a historical novel, for much reality and fact is evident within the pages.

For those looking for a ‘thriller’ read, ‘Operations Four Rings’ is a must. Published in Nepal and very reasonably priced at GBS 12, (including postage)  those wishing to order may do so directly from John at:

Reviewed by Peter Quantrill

For Special Offer on J P Cross books, please click here.

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28 Nov 11 

THE RETURN by Chris Darnell (2nd Bn 1971-79)

Chris Darnell has recently published The Return. The book is a fast-paced and atmospheric military thriller and introduces Major Paul Stanton, one of the SAS heroes from the Falklands War. It is set in 1985-86 and seeks to evoke the dangerous landscapes of Northern Ireland at that time, and also the dark days of Cold War West Berlin. At its heart is an interconnected manhunt for corrupt members of the British security forces, hardened terrorists and petty gangsters and racketeers.

The Return is available to download from Amazon_ as a Kindle Book and costs £0.99. It is also available to purchase online in both hard cover and soft cover versions from all major booksellers.

Chris is planning to write two further Stanton novels. The second is underway and is provisionally entitled The Contract. It is set in 1989-91, in Mozambique and South Africa, and is a story about corrupt business, diamond trafficking and private military companies. The third novel will take Stanton to the Balkans in the mid-nineties.

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28 Nov 11

MERDEKA by Lachlan Gunn (1st Bn 1987 – 89)

Lachlan Gun has just published a book on Amazon called ‘Merdeka’. Set in Malaya in 1957, it is a work of fiction, however those in the know will spot some similarities between the Scottish Border Regiment with the KOSB, and the Chomrong Rifles with 2GR.  All the characters are fictitious and bear no resemblance to any person who served at that time. The book is an e-book and he has no plans for publication in print. More information on the book can be found at: and click here for a free sample.

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