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The provision of a newsletter for Gurkha troops is a requirement placed by the Tripartite Agreement ‘Parbate’ was the result, first published on 7th January 1949 in Singapore as a weekly magazine in Roman Gurkhali-Nagri script, which was yet to be introduced into the Brigade.

The Brigade left the shores of Malaysia and Singapore in 1971 to settle in their new home in Hong Kong. The magazine ceased to be published weekly, took a new form and was published fortnightly.

The magazine was as popular as ever with the Gurkhas and their families, being the only source of information which kept them abreast with the news from back home and kept the widely spread units in touch with each other.

Parbate is a social magazine, a newspaper, an information tool all rolled into one, appeasing readers with whatever information they sought in these areas. Parbate also plays an important role in the hills of Nepal where it helps keep the retired Gurkhas in contact with the Brigade.

Computers were just heard of and so it was down to the faithfull ‘Olivetti’ and the hard work of the Parbate staff to produce the magazine. The master copy was manually prepared by typing, cutting, pasting pictures and articles. A local civilian press was contracted for the bulk print.

The staff comprising of a Major (QGO) as the Editor, assisted by a Warrant Officer Class 1, a Sergeant and a Corporal kept the magazine running. Parbate has moved with the times and the format attempts to keep abreast with rest of the magazine world.

The computer revolution has certainly eased this task but technical advances have also resulted in fewer staff. Today the magazine has the Assistant Brigade Secretary as the editor in addition to his primary duties, assisted by a full time Corporal as the sub-editor.

It is now published monthly in its present A4 format in colour. Finance for publishing is subsidised by the Ministry of Defence and the subscriptions received from individuals assist the Parbate to use colour illustrations.

Parbate today reaches 183 locations throughout the world stretching from Brunei, Dubai, Falklands, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Norway, Oman, Papua New Guinea, USA and the UK totalling 2,100 copies with subscribers increasing daily.