Sirmoor Club Croquet 2023 Part 2


The third week of August saw Sirmooree Malleteers once again taking to the lawns at Hurlingham. Mark Pettigrew, Peter and Annie Duffell, John Swanston, David Santa-Olalla, Christopher and Griselda Lavender met up with David and Joanna Thomas for lunch on the Terrace. David and Joanna joined us in between moving flats. And Jo Santa-Ollala happily joined us for lunch and tea. Jon Aslett had discovered his car battery was dead that morning, and only after the AA had replaced this, at some cost, was he able to set off from his home in Roegate. He arrived, undaunted for a nonagenarian, with his daughter Sophie Graham, just as we took to the lawns.

Lunch on the Terrace – a respite for David and Joanna!

It was to be an occasionally showery afternoon – but with Sirmoor Umbrellas aloft we played three rounds of Golf Croquet with various combinations. The competency of all Sirmoorees was at an enviable level – as evidenced by four of the six games ending in 6-6 draws. There were many notable ‘runnings’ of the hoops, but without the roquets and croquets of Association Croquet no peeling of balls through the hoops. Perhaps the most surprising stroke of the afternoon – for Mark at least – was Griselda’ s masterful hit from the boundary line to knock Mark’s ball from the jaws of the second hoop!

What Sirmoor croquet should be all about….

Sirmoor Gathering!

A Family Affair

As usual it was as much the company of other Sirmoorees and catching up with tales new and old that was more of the attraction than whose ball ran the most hoops. But for the record Griselda tells me that Peter Duffell and David Santa Olalla dislodged the Champions of our first outing in July – Griselda and Mark- by 7 hoops to 5!

Cream tea and scones were taken by those whose onward travels were modest in duration, and Christopher was delighted to hear Jon reminiscing with tales of John Caruthers and Pat Carpenter – to name but a few. We lingered willingly for quite a while and then departure could no longer be delayed!

‘What book next Peter’?

Stylish Umbrellas to the fore!

Thus did the Sirmoor Croquet season arrive elegantly at its close. And hopefully for those returning to the Shires we shall not be pursued by Penalty Notices issued by Fulham and Hammersmith Borough Council!

The curious obsession that Hurlingham has with skeleton staff!

What sirmoor croquet should be all about…. The curious obsession that hurlingham has with skeleton staff! Stylish umbrellas to the fore! Sirmoor gathering Lunch on the terrace – a respite for david and joanna! A family affair ‘what book next peter'

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