Sirmooree Nepal

The on-line digital version of the Sirmooree offers an exciting way of reading your Journal.

Please click on the links below in blue to read the SRA Nepal Sirmooree:

Sirmooree No. 24 September 2018 in electronic book format (Suitable for all mobile and desktop devices)

Sirmooree No. 23 September 2017 in electronic book format (Suitable for all mobile and desktop devices)

Sirmooree No.21 Sept 2015 in electronic book format.

Please also note that one can move backward and forward through the book just by clicking anywhere on the right hand or left hand side of the page. Or one can turn the pages manually with your mouse or curser just like a normal book. Turn up the sound to hear the pages turning.  Clicking the thumbnail button on the icons underneath the book one can see all the pages on the left hand side and click on any of these to go straight to that page.  

Don’t forget it is better to view in Full screen mode by clicking another of the icons underneath the book.  (Click ‘esc’ to get out of Full screen mode) There is  also an option to print individual pages that may be of interest to you.

One feature of  particularly of interest is the ‘Search Bar Feature’  at the top of the page you will see an area where one can type in a search word  (Please note: you  must click the ‘Allow’ button at the top right of the screen to use the search bar.)   ie type in Durbar and click the small magnifying glass to the right of the search bar and all the references to Durbar will appear to the left of the book.  One can then click these references to go directly to that page.

Viewing with an Apple IPAD or Smartphone.

The Sirmooree has now been adapted for those Members who wish to view the Sirmooree Electronic Book on their IPADS.  The page size has been specifically set up to maximise the IPAD viewing screen in Portrait (vertical) viewing.  However, one can view it in Landscape view (ie. On its side as well).  To turn a page just tap on the right hand side of the page.  To remove the ‘upper and lower’ reading bars just tap the centre of the screen.  This gives a full page reading screen.  Some of the media effects are not available on an iPAD.