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Bharat Singh Thapa Chhetri

I need not mention here about the Sirmoor Durbar as most of the
retired 2 GR had gathered for the big event in Pokhara last March. It
was so heartening to meet so many of our burhos whom we had never
met before.

I personally wish to thank all SCN Branch Chairmen for
their efforts convincing and bringing to Pokhara so many of our senior
burhos for whom travel to Pokhara must have been a real adventure.
It was even more heartening to see many on wheel chairs. It was also
very nice to meet so many of our Gora Sahebs and Memsahebs from
the UK. Thanks to Major David Thomas saheb.
All SCN branches save Myagdi and Palpa celebrated Delhi Day on 14
Sep 2014 as in previous years. It was nice to know that HK also had a
small gathering on that day. Branches observing Tigris/Tamandu Day
this year had to skip the gathering due to the Durbar being hardly a
month away. Although there was a good chance of Malaysian Service
Medals being presented to the recipients, 52 from 2 GR, during
G200 Nepal celebrations we had to be disappointed at the very last
Good news for the ex Gurkhas that GWS medical scheme
for retired personnel in Nepal has been revised wef 01 July this year.
Retired Gurkhas now can make medical claim for treatment in almost
all hospitals in the country. In the past there were only a few GWS
authorized hospitals. Thanks for the sincere efforts of Lt Col Sean
Harris OBE, Comd BGN, who is now retired and is in the UK. Col
Harris was presented with a Regimental plaque by Sirmoor Club Nepal
for all the help that SCN received from BGN for and during Sirmoor
Durbar 2015.

There was a big turnout from 2 GR at the Bde Bhela on
26 Mar although the following day they had to be in Pokhara for the
Durbar. Despite wet weather and cancellation of majority of the flights
into Pokhara and after waiting for hours at the airport Kathmandu
Sirmooris somehow made the journey travelling by road all night. A
few ‘reported’ straight at BGP Gate.
Welfare pension has been increased to NRs 9000 per month, effective
from 01 July 2015 and the service pension by 7.3 p.c. wef 01 April 2015.
There was an increase in the recruits’ intake this year. Final selection
is taking place shortly for 200 as opposed to 176 last year. The Gurkha
Settlement Office (GSO) in BGN are very busy assisting ex Gurkhas
with online visa applications for UK settlement, new rules introduced
by UKVI earlier this year. They will now remain open until Mar 2019.
On the day of the great earthquake (25 April 2015) I was in Darjeeling,
attending the Kurseong G200 celebration with other RAN chairmen.
On return home the following day I was glad to find my own house
intact but was very sorry to see extensive damages to a multi-storey
apartment building and few other houses in the neighbourhood.
Earthquake relief programme by GWS Nepal is given under RAN
update in the AGM minutes.
Sadly we lost a total of 63 Sirmooris, 56 in Nepal and 7 in the UK, this
year. It was 68 in Nepal last year.
Lastly I would like to thank, on behalf of all Sirmooris, Major
Yambahadur Gurung, Nepal Coordinator and Major David Thomas,
the UK Coordinator, for their contribution without which the Durbar
last March would not have been the success it was. Congratulations to
Maj Yam on the award of BEM also. He deserved it.
Captain Bharat Singh Thapa Chhetri,