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8 Mar 19


The announcement about the Gurkha Pension Scheme as a result of the 7CPC was announced at 1000 hrs today. I have already sent this to the Chairman and Sec RAN in Nepal and to the GWO in Salisbury and Aldershot for dissemination.



20190307_RAN_Letter_GPS_VeteransSpt_announcement O DP

All 3 documents are aloo published on the GBA website  

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9 Jul 18

APPLICATION TO MARCH AT THE CENOTAPH PARADE 11 NOV 2018 (Application date brought forward)

Please note that the closing date for applications to march at the Cenotaph Ceremony to be with the RBL has been brought forward to Monday 20 August. To date we have two members marching! If you plan to march please ensure that you pass on ALL details as required for the Cenotaph Booking Form to the Hon Sec by Mon 13 August. For full details please go to the Sirmoor Club Notice Board.

A copy of the earlier notice is repeated below.

The Royal British Legion (RBL) is responsible for the Cenotaph Veterans’ Parade in Whitehall on Sunday, 11 November 2018. As this year marks the centenary of the signing of the Armistice in 1918, the demand to participate is expected to be much higher than normal.

In accordance with HMG plans for this year’s ceremony, the number of spaces on the Veterans’ Parade will remain limited at 10,000 places. A second procession drawn from the General Public which file past the Cenotaph after the Veterans’ Parade. Planning is underway to de-conflict the marchers and to keep the area of Horse Guards Parade the preserve of the Veteran community as in previous years.

In order to plan ahead, please could you ask those of your members who wish to march to provide me with details as per attached form. Each RA has been allocated 15 marching places, however all bids can be submitted in order of priority to ensure GBA places are filled.

Cenotaph Return Form 2018. Sirmoor Club and Sirmoor Sathis Honorary Secretaries are to collect applications from their respective members and complete the Cenotaph Return. Individual applicants are required to provide the following information:


First Name (this must be the name on photo ID)

Last Name

Date of Birth (please use the format DD/MM/YYYY)

Place of Birth

First line of address



Military number (where applicable)

Criteria (see Category Box below)

Regtl Assn: 2GR SRA

Category 1 Ex-Service Personnel holding a campaign medal
Category 2 Civilians deployed on operations in support of the Military
(Includes; Police, Fire Service, Ambulance Service, Civil Servants)
Category 3 Ex-Service Personnel with no campaign medal
Category 4 Bereaved Spouses (who died on operations)
Category 5 Veteran association representatives
Category 6 Military Charities and associated Civilian groups

Applications. Nominations with full details are required to be sent to the Hon Sec by Mon 13 Aug 18 in order for the GBA return to be submitted to the RBL by Mon 20 Aug 18.

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2 Jun 18


Please click on the link to view JP Cross’s interview on Kantipur TV.

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23 Aug 17 – Delhi Day 9th September 2017.


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Gurkha TACOS is a complex subject and few fully understand the specifics of how these have evolved over time since the inception of the Tri Partite Agreement in 1947.It is important that we, the Gurkha Family, understand our own TACOS and that we are able to explain them to others.  They are often misquoted, taken out of context or only half understood leading to a one-sided view.These are UK Government TACOS.  With the Ministry of Defence leading but other Government Departments also responsible for their own areas such as pensions and immigration, these are policies of State.The Army Secretariat, who are the lead for Gurkha TACOS and have previous experience as the Gurkha Secretariat, has produced a series of Fact Sheets which lay out the background to a range of TACOS.  These are accompanied by Nagri translations.I offer you these as reference material and an opportunity to correct misunderstandings that may exist more widely.They are accurate as at October 2016 and include the recent European Court of Human Rights Ruling. They do not yet include the work that the Army Secretariat is conducting in assessing the implication of the 7th Indian Pay Commission.

The Fact Sheets are held on the Ministry of Defence website at: RobinsonCol J G Robinson | Col BG Headquarters Brigade of GurkhasRobertson House (Former Army Staff College)Camberley, Surrey, GU15 4PQ

HQBG Def Intranet Page Link | HQBG MOSS Link

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