This Day in History: 1857-06-08

The Sirmoor Battalion reached The Ridge at Delhi. Together with the Guides, the 60th Rifles (later to be 2nd Battalion Royal Green Jackets) and Coke’s Rifles (later the 13th Frontier Force Rifles [Coke’s]), the Sirmoor Battalion held the vital positions on the ridge overlooking Delhi. The main forward piquet at Hindu Rao’s house, the key to the British position, was held by the Sirmoor Battalion and was the main objective of the mutineers. It was under fire continuously for three months and eight days and the Gurkhas repulsed twenty-six separate major attacks, carried out three attacks themselves, and suffered 327 casualties out of a total strength of 490, including eight out of nine British Officers.

Survivors of the Sirmoor Battalion by Hindu Rao’s house after the battle