This Day in History: 1868-10-04

On the North-West Frontier 2nd Brigade, comprising the Peshawar Mountain Battery, 6th (Royal Warwickshire) Regiment of Foot, 3rd Sikhs, The Sirmoor Rifles, 4th Goorkhas and 24th Punjab Infantry was ordered to clear the hills separating the Agror and Tikari valleys to enable 1st Brigade to assault the Manna-ka-Duma hill feature. The Sirmoor Rifles led the advance up Kiarkot Hill but on reaching the summit they found the enemy had evacuated it and bolted. They subsequently cleared an enemy position that had been firing on 1st Brigade (which had captured its objective on Manna-ka-Duma) with the support of artillery guns which were hauled up by elephants and shelled the rebels’ sangar. The Sirmoor Rifles then seized and held Chittabut Peak.  The campaign came to an end on 12th October. Click here to read more details.

The medal awarded for this campaign