This Day in History: 1868-10-12

On the North-West Frontier, the seizure of Muchaie Peak and the subsequent arrival of jirgahs (assembly of representatives) from the various rebel tribes to negotiate a peace settlement brought the campaign to an end.  Orders were given for all troops to withdraw from Hazara country to Manna-ka-Duma ridge with the Sirmoor Rifles as rearguard. As the Force approached the Ridge the Regiment was fired upon. Lieutenant Battye went forward and came across a group of tribesmen hiding in a ravine, two of whom they killed.  A Naik [Corporal] and 2 Riflemen fought another group, killed 3 and brought in one of their heads, found to be that of a Chugurzaie, a clan which had supposedly surrendered. The 2nd Goorkhas returned to Dehra Dun on 29th October for the first time since 1863, having spent 5 years suppressing rebel tribes on the North-West Frontier.  Click here to read a summary of the campaign.