This Day in History: 1880-04-22

In the Second Afghan War, two companies of the 2nd Goorkhas under Captain Hill joined a force sent to assist the small garrison at Charasiah, which had come under attack from rebel tribesmen.  Together with detachments from the 92nd Highlanders and Sikhs, the larger of two hills was captured from the enemy. The smaller hill was ‘obstinately held [and] was assaulted by the two companies of Goorkhas who went at it with a cheer and carried the eminence with the bayonet. Our guns now broke up all concerted opposition, and the enemy fled, leaving 400-500 dead on the field.’  The rapidity of the march and successful attack won praise from Lieutenant General Sir Frederick Roberts and the Commander-in-Chief, General Lord Napier.  The Regimental History reported ‘Subahdar [Captain] Mahabir Bisht, in spite of his thirty-four years’ service, distinguished himself’.