This Day in History: 1890-01-02

In Burma the 2nd Battalion, part of Brigadier General Tregear’s Column, left Chittagong and reached Demagari by means of the Kornafuli River, but were forced to delay their progress on account of an outbreak of cholera at Ranagamatti, 77kms from Chittagong. They eventually reached Lung Leh where the Column divided. 3 companies of the 2nd Battalion commanded by Major Begbie joined Colonel Skinner’s Column and marched to the Northern Looshai Hills. The remainder of the Regiment stayed with Tregear’s Column and moved across the Koladyne River to meet up with Burma Force commanded by General Penn Symons.

Map showing the area of western Burma where the 2nd Battalion was operating.

Picture from the Illustrated London News 1889, showing the ‘2/2 Goorkhas’ Officers’ Camp Mess.