This Day in History: 1891-04-15

In March 1891 a major anti-British revolt erupted in the north-east Indian princely State of Manipur, including the murder of the British Chief Commissioner and 4 British Officers there. The 1st Battalion was mobilised as part of the British response, joining Lieutenant Colonel RHF Rennick’s column. They and the other units involved left Silchar on this day and undertook a demanding eleven-day march to Manipur. Colonel Rennick reported: ‘Heavy storm and rain last night. Half the elephants are wild, unruly brutes and I have already dropped off 120 bullocks as useless. Naga coolies are broken down, unhealthy and with cholera. No grazing for bullocks and the ponies from Lushai have almost done their work, but despite being exposed to the inclemencies of the season, to hardship and privation, all answered cheerfully to the call of duty and worked with a zeal and energy rarely surpassed.’