This Day in History: 1906-03-04

During the visit to India of the Prince and Princess of Wales, and while the Prince was shooting in Gwalior State, the Princess visited Dehra Dun, staying with Major and Mrs Watson. (Major Watson was late 2nd Goorkhas and had formerly been an Aide-de-Camp to the Prince of Wales). The Princess visited the the 2nd Goorkhas British Officers’ Mess where ‘she took the greatest interest in all the trophies collected by officers. After dispensing tea herself in the ante room, she walked with some officers through the Regimental lines, particularly noticing the married quarters, and was taken to the Quarter Guard to see the Koonja guns and battering ram. While there she asked to be shown the Truncheon and took hold of it. This ‘highly pleased the Goorkha officers standing nearby for they said “Full of value before, now is greater virtue gone into it, seeing that the possible future Queen has touched it.” ‘

Major ‘Long’ Watson in about 1906.