This Day in History: 1914-11-02

Among the 2nd Battalion casualties in France on this day was Subedar Major Man Sing Bohra, killed while leading a counter-attack.  The family had a long association with the 2nd Battalion.  Man Sing’s father Gopal Bohra had enlisted in the Regiment in 1858 and had been Subedar Major from 1893 to 1896.  His elder brother, who was wounded in France, was later Subedar Major too and Orderly Officer to King George V.  His son, Hari Sing Bohra, was Subedar Major when the 2nd Battalion was captured by the Japanese and died bravely after torture for trying to defend his soldiers.

Subedar Major Man Sing Bohra

Also killed was Major Henry Becher.  He had joined the 1st Battalion in 1896 and served in several campaigns, inventing the more practical Gurkha Hat to replace the Kilmarnock on operations. His father, Sullivan Becher, had raised the 2nd Battalion in 1886.

Major Henry Becher