This Day in History: 1915-01-25

In France, after almost a month in billets and reconstituted after actions at La Quinque Rue, the 2nd Battalion returned to the front immediately to the west of Neuve Chapelle. The Regimental History notes the following scale of clothing was issued to all ranks: Woollen undervest (thick); 2 pairs of socks; Woollen drawers (thick); Woollen muffler; Flannel Shirt; Woollen gloves; Sweater; Greatcoat; Serge Jacket; Putties; Serge trousers; Felt hat; Balaclava cap.  Each man also had a waterproof sheet, a blanket, 1 additional pair of socks, a towel, and soap. Short sheepskin jackets were issued in December 1914 but could not be worn under accoutrements as the issue belts were not long enough. When in the trenches, as a precaution against frostbite at night men wore a sandbag full of straw on each foot and leg, and ‘whale oil well rubbed in was also found efficacious’.