This Day in History: 1915-03-10

At 03.00 hrs the 2nd Battalion marched from billets for the front. The Meerut Division was to form part of a two corps assault against German lines around Neuve Chapelle. The Dehra Dun Brigade’s task was initially to support the Garwhal Brigade before moving forward to attack the Bois du Biez. At 09.40 hrs, once the Garwhal Brigade had secured its objective, the Battalion was ordered forward to start the attack on the wood, but further resistance to the Garwhalis, necessitating reinforcement by the Seaforth Highlanders, and numerous barricades and obstacles delayed the 2nd Goorkhas attack to late afternoon. During the assault the leading companies came under intensive fire but seized the wood and cleared it. As it was getting dark, so the attack was halted and the position consolidated on the line of the Des Layes river. The attack was resumed the following day, but 10th March was celebrated in the Regiment each year as ‘Neuve Chapelle Day’, marking the significant achievement by the 2nd Battalion, part of a successful advance on a front of two miles to a depth of 1000m. Click here for a more extensive account of the battle.