This Day in History: 1921-01-09

Two platoons of the 1st Battalion under command of Subedar Tilbit Thapa attacked a large hostile gathering of Bolsheviks at Jamshidabad about 30kms from the shore of the Caspian Sea. Tilbit at once attacked and aided by a troop of the Guides routed the enemy, killing 60 out of 90 and capturing 27 prisoners plus a Lewis gun. He was awarded the Indian Order of Merit (2nd Class). This was to be the Battalion’s final action in Persia where under the terms of an 1919 Anglo-Persian ‘Agreement’ (not ratified by the Persians and therefore in effect a British ultimatum) they had helped defend the country and its oil against Russian Bolshevik incursion.

Map showing the location of Jamshidabad