This Day in History: 1944-05-29

The 1st Battalion had earlier relieved the 4th/16th Punjabis in the Arielli sector, three miles to the north-west of Orsogna in Italy. On this day they were in turn relieved by some of the first Italian troops to enter the Adriatic front following the Italian switch to the Allies’ side. The Regimental History recounts: ‘With more enthusiasm than common sense, the newcomers advanced with flags unfurled and bands playing, a folly which drew a heavy enemy bombardment during the relief. Italian paratroopers, men of fine physique who carried enormous loads with ease, took over the 2nd Goorkhas sector.’ Communication was in ‘a French of sorts’ The Brigade Commander was Brigadier Lovett, a former 2nd Goorkha, of whom it was reported ‘[his] confidence in his qualifications exceeds the quality of his accent.’