This Day in History: 1945-05-22

The 4th Battalion, in Burma, sent out 11 night patrols into the Satpok Forest Reserve, 8km south of Okpo, amid drenching rains, across sodden ground and over flooded chaungs [streams] to ambush the enemy.  Although nine made no contact a patrol from B Company was lucky when at midnight a large enemy group entered the killing zone.  In the subsequent firefight the enemy responded vigorously.  Two sections of a platoon commanded by Jemedar [Lieutenant] Jaganhoj managed to withdraw, while the Gurkha officer stayed with the third section which held its ground until he was severely wounded and Lance Naik [Lance Corporal] Lalbahadur Pun assumed command and successfully disengaged.  At least 20 Japanese were killed and 4 Gurkhas were wounded.