This Day in History: 1945-06-27

The Regimental History reports that on this day the 4th Battalion ‘in the midst of the usual rainstorm handed over responsibilities for the Tanbingon area [in Burma] to 1st Battalion 1st Gurkha Rifles.  All ranks were squeezed into an inadequate number of lorries and were ferried south for 50 km to Tharrawaddy.  Three months, almost to the day, after their first contact with the enemy at Kyaukse, the 4th Battalion’s campaign in Burma ended.  During this time the battalion had advanced more than 500km.  In addition to Indian renegades [in the Indian National Army operating under Japanese control] 225 Japanese had been killed. The Battalion lost one British Officer and 20 Gurkha Other Ranks killed, and 65 Gurkha Other Ranks were wounded.’