This Day in History: 1945-09-06

Lieutenant Colonel Derek Robertson, who had acted as Commandant of the 2nd Battalion during its time in Japanese prisoner of war camps, recalls that on this day, shortly after the Japanese surrender and they had been released: ‘[Lieutenant Jimmie] ‘Baron’ Gomm – one of my Malayan Volunteer officers – was out for a ride on a bicycle enjoying his first bit of freedom when he ran into a Nip guard at the entrance to the Submarine Base.  The Guard turned out and presented arms and a Nip officer rushed out with some papers which he wanted Gomm to sign.  He nearly did so , thinking he was merely signing for permission to enter, when he suddenly realised he was being asked to sign for the Base!  Not particularly wanting a Submarine Base at that moment he declined, pointing out that he was a prisoner of war and that people from Singapore would come to take it over. The Nip officer seemed quite disappointed!’.