Christopher Lavender commented: “I have come into possession of a WD map of HKG from 1936. I never knew that the hill features near the border were named Cheviots , Mendips and the North and South Downs. Also Snowden in the other photograph I assume to be ‘Nameless’ as it lies north of Kai Kung Leng.”

John Harrop noted that there appeared to be a race course near the site of what subsequently became Gallipoli Lines.

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After a long absence of two years of Covid-19 restrictions and lockdown, the Gurkha Association Scotland finally managed to have a ‘Get-Together’ in the early summer this year, held at the Oxgangs Neighbourhood Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland. The event was simple but ‘gharelu’ (homely) party, superbly organised by Capt Tika Limbu (ex 10 GR) who is the Chairman GA Scotland and his committee members. The food was magnificient, topped off by a variety of wonderful home-cooked Nepali dishes prepared by didi-bahinis. Although the numbers present looked small it was an enjoyable gathering and great to see everyone again in good health and spirits along with their families and children. An impromptu roll call revealed, in total, there being seven Sirmooris working and living in Scotland, although all were not present at the event . Jai Lali!

The Gurkha Association Scotland gathering

“Flying the Flag” – The 5 Sirmooris in Scotland who attended the event.
(L to R) Kamal Thapa, Padam Thapa, Sudan Dewan, Resham Thapa, Prem Gharti Magar (Band)









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