Please click on the links below to view pictures and videos of the 200th Anniversary of the Regiments being raised in 1815:

Please click on links below to view the videos:

  1. Pokhara Parade Part 1 (15 mins) – video by Joanna Thomas
  2. Pokhara Parade Part II (15 mins) – video by Joanna Thomas
  3. Pokhara Parade Part III – video by Joanna Thomas
  4. Durbar Registration – video by Joanna Thomas
  5. Unveiling of Edward VII at Lal Gate, Pokhara – video by Joanna Thomas
  6. Serious musical chairs, Families Durbar celebration, Pokhara – video by Joanna Thomas
  7. Sirmoor Durbar day one British Gurkha Pokhara, Nepal on 28th March 2015- Video by – JL Gurung
  8. With Gurkha’s 1st Lt Col Lal Bahadur Pun OBE, MC British camp pokhara on 28 March 2015 – Video by – Juwarilal Gurung 1/2 GR
  9. Pokhara 29 March 2015-Nepali band-Video by – JL Gurung
  10. SRA UK video on Youtube: Durbar video
  11. Night-time march-off at Sounding of Retreat (courtesy of Les Marshall).