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14th September 2020


Given the restrictions imposed due to the Corona Virus, only 9 Sirmoori veterans gathered at the Gurkha Memorial Museum in Pokhara on 14th September 2020. It rained hard in the morning but at 1100 hours though there was a drizzle, we decided to start the commemoration.

Members stood 6 feet apart with masks on, in front of the Lal Gate while Captain Karnabahadur Thapa, Chairman Pokhara SCN asked for everyone’s attention and explained the reason for the gathering. Then Major Yambahadur Gurung BEM, senior Sirmoori present and also Chairman of the Gurkha Memorial Museum (GMM), read out an English version of the story of the Sirmoor Battalion at Delhi in 1857, with a museum guard holding an umbrella as it began to rain again. He also showed an original Delhi campaign medal that is on display in the museum. This was followed by the bugle call of The Last Post played on memo stick as the Regimental flag was slowly lowered by a guard in the back. After two minutes silence, Reveille was sounded and the flag was raised again.

Chairman Pokhara SCN then put Khada on the exact size replica of the Queen’s Truncheon (QT) brought out of the museum. Captain Ganesh laid the wreath from SCN. The remaining members then followed to pay their respect to the QT replica. A final photograph of all 9 Sirmooris was taken after which everyone retired to the tin shed next to the office to have coffee and biscuit before dispersing. Those who attended were:

Maj Yambahadur Gurung BEM             Central SCN Advisor, Chairman GMM
Capt Karnabahadur Thapa                     Chairman Pokhara SCN
Capt Ganesh Gurung                               Advisor Pokhara SCN
Capt Mekhbahadur Gurung                   Advisor Pokhara SCN
Maj Hitman Gurung                               Chairman RGR RAN
Capt Dudman Gurung                            Vice Chairman Pokhara SCN
Capt Hikmatbahadur Gurung               Secretary Pokhara SCN
CSgt Lilprasad Gurung                           Member Pokhara SCN
CSgt Ramesh Bhattachan                      Member Pokhara SCN

Jai 2nd Goorkhas (The Sirmoor Rifles)!


Photographs of the events:


8th March 2020

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14th September 2019

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