Please note that this page is being revised.  Information may be incomplete or not in the correct chronological order.

8th March 2020.  Sirmoor Club Nepal Pokhara Branch held an event marking Tigris/Tamandu Day before a committee meeting at the Gurkha Museum in Pokhara.  See photograph here.

14th September 2019.  Please click here to download a photo report of the 2019 Durbar in Nepal.

15th March 2018 – 5/8 GR (The Sirmoor Rifles) 77th Birthday.  Click here to download photos of the 5/8GR 77th Birthday Celebrations and here for a newspaper article about it.

7th March 2018 – 2GR Trust Meeting at the Gurkha Museum WinchesterClick here: for photos of the 2GR Trust Meeting.

3rd February 2018 –  Tigris Day Working Lunch at PokharaClick here: for photos of the Tigris day working lunch.

16 – 18th February 2018 –  Sirmoor Safari (Bardia National Park)Click here: for photos of the safari.

2015 Durbar.  Please click here to see information, pictures and videos from the 2015 Durbar in Nepal.

Pictorial History of the Regiment.  (Being compiled).