Map of 2nd Goorkhas Cemeteries in Italy

Map of 2nd Goorkhas Cemeteries in Italy

24 men of the 2nd Goorkhas are buried here.

The 68 men buried here include Captain IA Nicholl, Lieutenant RF Loftus-Tottenham, Jemadar Minbahadur Ghale and Jemadar Parshad Gurung, all killed during the attack on Monte Cassino on 18 February 1944.

Captain JH Atkins, who was killed on 27 May 1944, is buried here.

Captain EG MacGregor of the South Staffordshire Regiment, who was seconded to the 1st Battalion, is also buried here, having been killed when the Battalion's supply train was shelled on 2 June 1944.  He is not included in the CWGC casualty figures for the 2nd Goorkhas but those of his parent Regiment.

16 men who have no known grave are commemorated here.

Among the 31 men buried here are Major Hon LCF Shore, killed on 20 July 1944, and Captain CD Marley-Clarke, killed on 6 August 1944.

Among the 32 men commemorated here are 3 Gurkha Officers, Jemadar Harkabahadur Thapa IDSM, killed on 2 March 1944,  Jemadar Ranbahadur Thapa, killed on 7 June 1944, Jemadar Lalbahadur Ghale, killed on 4 September 1944 and Havildar Kishanbahadur Gurung IDSM MM, also killed on 4 September 1944.

4 Gurkha Other Ranks are buried here.