For the Record….

Lieutenant Colonel ‘Teddy’ Ross

Major John Harrop spotted that the medals of Brigadier ‘Teddy’ Ross were sold at auction on 29th November 2023 for £2000. His miniatures were also sold for £140.

Ross first came to the 2nd Goorkhas in Mesopotamia in 1916 from 1st Battalion 8th Gurkha Rifles with whom he had taken part in the Abor Expedition of 1911-12. After a  staff appointment he joined 2nd Battalion 4th Gurkha Rifles in August 1917. During much of 1919 he was specially employed with the Political Department in South Persia where it was rumoured that ‘he did not hesitate to use the gallows’ and on one occasion dumbfounded his Persian host by devouring a whole sheep at one sitting!

He returned to the 2nd Goorkhas in April 1926 as 2IC 1st Battalion and was subsequently  appointed Commandant from February 1929 to February 1933 when the Battalion was initially in Dehra Dun and later in Waziristan. His final appointment was Commander Zhob (Independent) Brigade based at Loralai in Baluchistan from 1936 to 1940. He died in British Columbia, Canada in June 1943 aged 59.

‘Teddy’ Ross was an accomplished sportsman and shot having been the revolver champion of all India in 1908. He was an international rugby player who in 1904 while still a Gentleman Cadet at RMC Sandhurst was selected to represent Scotland against Wales. The College authorities refused him permission to play for Scotland and insisted he should play for Sandhurst against RMC Woolwich. Ross feigned sick and played for Scotland, but because he received favourable press coverage his ruse was discovered and as a result he was rusticated for one term.