This Day in History: 1858-12-20

By General Order of the Commander-in-Chief, the distinction of wearing scarlet facings as worn by the 60th Rifles was conferred on the Regiment, and at the same time its designation was altered to ‘Sirmoor Rifle Regiment‘. Previously, in June 1857, Colonel Reid had written to the Adjutant General in India requesting that the soldiers might in future be officially styled ‘Rifleman‘ as opposed to ‘Sepoy‘ and allowed to conform their dress to that of the 60th Rifles in memory of the English Riflemen with whom his Goorkhas had served side by side in the stress of the Delhi siege. The 60th Rifles ‘cordially acquiesced in this desire and it was officially notified that Private soldiers of the Sirmoor Battalion should henceforth be called Riflemen‘.