This Day in History: 1898-04-13

The 1st Battalion, which had been strongly reinforced by men from the 2nd Battalion, returned to Dehra Dun after a tour of duty on the North-West Frontier that had started in August the previous year.  It had been a very active 8 months for which three bars to the India Medal were awarded.  Click here to read details of the Tirah Campaign and other activities.  The Prince of Wales’s Controller and Treasurer sent the following message: “The Prince of Wales wishes all ranks of both Battalions of the Sirmoor Rifles to be informed how highly the conduct of the gallant Goorkhas has been appreciated by the Queen and the whole English nation, and how proud His Royal Highness is to be the Honorary Colonel of such a distinguished Corps.”

The India Medal with the three clasps earned by those who served on the North West Frontier 1897-98