This Day In History: 1915-11-02

The Second Battalion was withdrawn from the British line in France for the last time. Total casualties in France since arriving in October 1914 were 16 British Officers killed, 3 wounded and 1 missing; 10 Gurkha Officers killed, 7 wounded, 2 missing; 135 Gurkha Other Ranks killed, 303 wounded, 106 missing.

The Lal (‘red’) Arch in Dehra Dun.  It was conceived pre-war to mark the centenary of the Sirmoor Battalion being raised in 1815, but the very high casualties of the First World War led to it becoming a memorial to the many officers and men of the Regiment who died on active service throughout its history.  It is still used as a focal point for Remembrance ceremonies by Indian Army units based in Dehra Dun – note the addition of the date ‘2015’ above the central archway.