This Day in History: 1916-03-03

At 10.30 hrs the 2nd Battalion arrived home at Dehra Dun to a rapturous welcome at the conclusion of its 19 month deployment to France and Egypt. The Regimental history reports: “Leading Mohamedan and other Indian gentlemen distributed gifts of cigarettes and light refreshments to the men, and the march to cantonments was through decorated streets and applauding throngs. The Battalion in its march was headed by the Truncheon, accompanied by many old pensioned Goorkha officers and honorary Captain (pensioned) Subadar Major Santbir Gurung rode beside the Commanding Officer. From the Bhindal Bridge to the Memorial Arch the roadway was lined by recruits of both Battalions, the Lines were a mass of coloured festoons and after ranks were dismissed all was joy and feasting for a grand repast had been prepared for the returning warriors, who soon settled down to a happy period of well-deserved peace amongst their pals and families”.