This Day in History: 1916-06-20

The 1st Battalion, having spent some time in the forward logistic base of Sheikh Saad, moved to the Es Sinn area south-east of Kut-el-Amara in Mesopotamia, as part of 37 Brigade.  The Regimental history reported: ‘The heat was now excessive and most trying, the temperature in large tents rising to over 120 degrees [Fahrenheit – about 49 degrees Celsius] and it was consequently worse in 40-pound tents and sepoy ‘pals’ [small tents used by soldiers]. Kut el Amara with its minarets and trees was visible in the distance – a pleasant-looking spot compared to where we were, for not a sign of a tree or vegetation enlivened the vast plains’.

Sketch map from the Regimental History showing the location of Sheikh Saad and Es Sinn