This Day in History: 1918-04-04

The 2nd Battalion took part in the only notable action in Baluchistan as part of the campaign to suppress a revolt by the Marri tribe. The Field Force encountered a gathering of about 1500 Marri tribesmen, who were making a stand on a high and almost inaccessible hill that overlooked the line of march of the main column. One company of the 2nd Battalion supported by a platoon of the South Lancashire Regiment scaled the hill and attacked them. Over 100 Marri were killed and many more wounded. Only five Gurkhas were wounded. The action broke the back of the revolt and the Marri Field Force was disbanded. The Battalion returned to Tank, providing detachments in Pezu, Sheikh Budin, Dera Ismail Khan, Jandola, Girni, Jatta and elsewhere, all described in the Regimental history as ‘places no one would ever desire to see again’.