This Day in History: 1981-04-23

The Commandant of the 1st Battalion received a letter from Lieutenant Colonel Yasub Ali Dogar, Commandant of 2nd Battalion the Guides, a Regiment that had fought alongside the Sirmoor Battalion at Delhi in 1857 and now part of Pakistan’s Army.  He confirmed that the Guides still had their section of the Delhi table, which had been in Hindoo Rao’s House on the Delhi Ridge throughout the siege in 1857 when the Sirmoor Battalion, the 60th Rifles and the Guides held this key position against Indian mutineers.  At the end of the siege the three regiments decided to split the table between them as a memento. The 60th Rifles’ section is in The Rifles Museum and the Sirmoor Battalion’s section is in the Gurkha Museum, both in Winchester.

The 2nd Goorkhas’ section of the Delhi table with the badges of the 60th Rifles, the Sirmoor Rifles and the Guides.