Dinner in Kathmandu 20th November 2023

Please see below photographs of this dinner held at the Ridi Lounge in Lalitpur. It was organised (and the photographs were kindly provided) by Captain Bharat Singh Thapa Chhetri, Chairman of the Sirmoor Club Nepal, on the occasion of a visit by Major David Thomas and Colonel Nick Hinton. Also present:

Mrs Joanna Thomas
Major Yambahadur Gurung
Major Haribahadur Gurung
Captain Netrabahadur Gurung
Captain Belbahadur Gurung
Colour Sergeant Muktibahadur Gharti
Rifleman Harkabahadur Pun
Major Krishnakumar Ale
Captain Krishnabahadur Rana
Warrant Officer 1 Passang Lama
Warrant Officer 2 Rumbahadur Gurung

It was a great evening and the ‘burho sipahi’ very much enjoyed reminiscing about old times!

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