President SRA visit to Nepal September 2022

This and the following 7 pictures are of Major Yambahadur Gurung and at his ancestral home in Hjanjarkot, an hour north of Pokhara.

Phewa Tal


Phewa Tal


9966 Uddim Saheb, 5761 Cpl Bel, 0980 Maj Hitman Saheb, 0387 CSgt Jagat




Dudman Saheb (1/2GR and RGR – my Coy 2IC in B Coy 1RS), Uddim Saheb, and 5478 Indra Saheb (1/2GR, 2GR and RGR).


2GR Sahebharu act of remembrance for HM Queen Elizabeth

2GR burho toli in Pokhara: me with the other Hitman Saheb and Dudman Saheb.
With Mike Lock (Paymaster 2/2GR 82-85, COS HQ BGN 92-94 and 29 year resident of Kathmandu) being garlanded by KK Ale and Bharat Saheb

Burho toli:0362 WO2 Lachhuman Mor Pl, 0352 CSgt Junbdr Signal Pl, 2269 Cpl Prem (C Coy), 2970 Cpl Krishna (Mor Pl and Bn PTI and Mr. Himal and Mr. Nepal (body-builder), 3913 Tendi Sherpa (Mor Pl), Sherbhadur Saheb (A Coy and MMG Pl (after Al Kennedy).


On a one hour panel with my old friend Binod Khadka and KK Ale at the BFBS Nepali studio talking about Her Majesty the Queen and the Gurkha connection during a day long tribute from BFBS Nepali listeners; a last minute ambush!


Last appointment for me this trip. A lovely 3 hours with Bharat Saheb and his family over bhat. He said his warm regards to all.


Two views of the Field Marshal Sir John Chapple Education Centre at the Central Zoo in Jawalakhel in the Kathmandu Valley:

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