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Hi everyone – During the Pandemic the Mackaness clan have been holed up largely together in our home in Bishops Stortford. Working for a Global Law Firm turns out to be very good hedge against the Pandemic so I really count my blessings. I look after the Firm’s property and I am now re-writing the property plan for all our offices around the world as we adjust to a world where we work from home two or three days a week. I do not think I will be buying a season ticket again! Sarah and I are plotting to spend three months in Nepal next year doing some voluntary work and we are talking to Mondo about joining a programme of teacher coaching and providing mentorship to trainee teachers in the Helambu valley. We’ll see! It’s been so sad that so many reunions have been cancelled, including the 2nd Battalion gathering in March.

Sirmoorees may be interested to know that I have an “active” Army connection! My youngest daughter Lucy, who is at Bath University, has joined Bristol OTC! It’s been fun to listen to her impressions of Longmore, Sennybridge and Copehill Down and then utter that dreadful refrain “When I was at…” Poor Girl. Here’s a photo of Lucy (over which I do somersaults of pride) cammed up in a secret location in the south of England. My good friend David Wombell (7GR) commented that she has made far better use of war paint than I ever did. And next year she has a secondment working with the MOD in Andover (non-uniform) as part of her Psychology degree. She assures me she will not be joining the Army but it is interesting to watch her confidence grow as she has endured the relative hardships of OTC.

Sarah is well and sends her best wishes to all her friends in the Sirmoor family. She is a learning mentor in the village school but the last few months have been very difficult for the school as you can imagine. I am applying for tickets to the Remembrance Parade at the Cenotaph this year and I do encourage anyone to apply to Bruce Mckay. It is such a good reunion for the Sirmoor family who consistently out number all other Brigade cap badges. Keep Well and Jai Sirmoor.


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